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Protecting Your Privacy

The Institute is committed to providing you with the highest levels of customer service. This includes protecting your privacy.

The Institute understands the concerns you may have for your privacy and the security of information collected from you, either in hard-copy or online. It is therefore committed to protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information, ensuring that your personal data is handled sensitively and securely.

The purpose of this policy is to let Institute customers know what information is collected about them, how this information is used and if it is disclosed.

The Institute

The Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (the Institute) provides a range of membership, education and professional development services. The Head Office of the Institute is based in Melbourne, Australia. The Institute has branch offices in New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Sydney which provide many additional services including seminars, events and activities that will complement your understanding of the financial services industry and issues particular to the insurance sector. Discussion groups concerning specific areas of interest and networking opportunities are also available.

Your personal information

Personal information held by the Institute may include your name, date of birth, current and previous addresses, telephone/facsimile contact numbers, email address, employer and your position title. We also hold details of Institute services you have accessed.

How we collect your personal information

The Institute collects personal information in a number of ways, including:

  • Directly from you, when you provide information by phone or in documents such as an application form;
  • From your authorised representative, such as your employer.

How we use your personal information

Your personal information may be used in order to:

  • Provide, administer and manage the services you require
  • Help us to identify and inform you about other Institute products or services that you have access to, to enhance your professional development
  • Continually improve our products and services
  • Meet education regulatory reporting and compliance.

If you do not wish to receive information about Institute products or services, you may inform the Institute at any time by telephoning (61 3) 9613 7280 or emailing

When we disclose your personal information

For the purposes set out above, we may disclose your personal information to organisations outside the Institute. The organisations to which we disclose information may include:

  • Outsourced service providers who manage the services we provide to you, including:
    - Information technology
    - Mailing systems
    - Examination supervisors.
  • Your authorised representatives, which may include your employer
  • Government and regulatory authorities as required or authorised by law
  • Our professional advisers, including our auditors and lawyers.

Where personal information is supplied to another organisation or person to complete an Institute service, it is protected by a contract of non-disclosure so that it cannot be used for other purposes – commercial or non-commercial.

Help us to ensure we hold accurate information

The Institute takes all reasonable precautions to ensure that the personal information we collect, use and disclose is accurate, complete and up-to-date. However, the accuracy of that information depends to a large extent on the information you provide. That's why we recommend that you:

Let us know if there are any errors in your personal information
Keep us up-to-date with changes to personal information such as your postal and email address.

If you find that personal information we hold about you is inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date, please contact the Institute to have it corrected.

You can access your information

The Institute shall, on request, provide you with information about you which is readily accessible and which may lawfully be provided. The Institute reserves the right to charge a fee for searching for and providing access to your information. Your request to provide information must be in writing and will be provided to you as soon as practically possible.

Resolving your concerns

If you believe that the privacy of your personal information has been compromised, you are entitled to express your dissatisfaction. We will respond to your complaint as soon as possible but within two working days, to let you know who is responsible for managing your complaint. It is expected that all complaints will be resolved within three working days. When this is not possible, we will contact you within that time to let you know how long we estimate it will take to resolve the complaint.

Contact us

If you have any queries in relation to privacy, please contact us.

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