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Get a measurable return on your education and training investment

As the industry’s premier membership and education body, the Institute’s capability in addressing training gaps within companies in the insurance and financial services industry is unsurpassed.

The Institute has excelled in the provision of such training in the insurance and financial fields for over 100 years and provides consultancy services to private, public, government and not for profit organisations in Australia, New Zealand, China, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, and Indonesia.

Why use the Institute?

The Institute has the infrastructure and expert personnel that are critical to the provision of such one-stop training and education programs and services.

Return on Investment
The increasing pressures on companies to gain a return on investment in education and training needs a strategic and disciplined approach to the development of a comprehensive training and education program.

It is no longer adequate to send staff to training programs that cannot be immediately applied to benefit the company. Training and development interventions must reduce risk of non-conformance and together with regulatory compliance, enable development of lateral solutions for today’s clients.

Training that meets the immediate needs of the company, must be relevant and contextualised for the company, and offer a career pathway for ambitious staff whilst retaining entrepreneurial staff.

Use the Institute's Return on Training Investment calculator to work out what return on training investment you can achieve for your business.

Costs of in-house training
The costs and resources involved in ensuring the updates of training material, keeping abreast of legislative changes, maintaining registers of trainers, management of online and multi-modal training modes and training schedules can quickly get out of control and result in a growing risk of non-compliance within a company.

Use the Institute's Cost of In-house Training tool to work out the real cost of conducting in-house training.

Partnership Consultancy
Through extensive consultation, the Institute is able to identify gaps and propose training and educational programs to suit the particular company needs. We don't just listen - we ask the right questions.

The Institute has invested heavily in developing multi-format delivery programs and interventions including:

  • distance learning
  • online learning
  • face to face delivery (f2f); and
  • blended learning (combination of distance learning, f2f workshops or interactive teleconferencing and e-communication methods).

More Information

For more information on the various consultancy options available and its benefits in career planning and staff retention, email our Client Solutions team or contact them here.

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