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Registered Training Organisation Agreements

The high costs of maintaining Registered Training Organisation (RTO) status within organisations as well as keeping abreast of legislative and regulatory changes in the insurance and finance fields has resulted in many companies outsourcing the award of accredited programs certification to specialist RTO’s.

The Institute, with a long history of being a RTO in the insurance and finance field and with a professional, robust and quality driven approach to accredited programs, has been the preferred destination for many companies as the RTO of choice.

Backed by a strong team of education experts, as well as Client Delivery, Accreditation, RPL and Certification teams, this service transfers the burden of the retention of RTO status to the Institute.

As a result of providing high quality education to the insurance and financial services industry for over 100 years, the Institute is in a unique position to be able to map company programs to accredited competencies and to national qualifications in the Financial Services training packages. Should the company wish to maintain the training in-house but relinquish the high cost function of maintaining RTO status, this can be undertaken by the Institute.

More Information

To find out more about how transferring the RTO role to the Institute reduces the risk and cost associated with maintaining an accreditation and certification regime within the company, email our Sales Team or contact them here.

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