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Institute members are internationally recognised and renowned throughout the financial services industry as professionals who are qualified, regulated and truly knowledgeable in their field. Being an Institute member shows your dedication to career development and progression.

The Institute offers a range of convenient options to pay your membership if you are:

  • Electing to membership
  • Renewing your membership at the beginning of each calendar year
  • Upgrading your membership to the next level
  • Reinstating your membership

Payment options include:

A valid credit card, your Institute Master ID (Find or create my Master ID) and date of birth will be required to do this.

1. Log into My Institute using your Master ID and password 
2. Click on 'Manage Membership'
3. Check the box next to 'Yes I wish to become an ANZIIF   
    member', then click Next
4. Check the Membership information and pricing to ensure 
    all the details are correct, then click 'Proceed'
5. Your membership will be added to the Institute shopping cart
    – click 'Checkout'
6. Enter your payment details and click 'Pay Now'. 

You will receive a message on screen to advise you that your payment has been successful. You can then expect to receive your Membership Certificate in 4-6 weeks.

Contact Customer Service on (+61 3) 9613 7280 (New Zealand free call 0800 103 675) to pay by credit card.

How to upgrade your member level

If you are an existing member of the Institute and you complete a higher Institute qualification, or AQF equivalent, you can upgrade from one membership level to another.

The membership upgrade fee is A$105 or NZ$115 for New Zealand members.

Your enhanced status is reflected through the issuing of a new membership certificate and by the use of your higher Institute post-nominal.

CIP Affiliate and CIP Life Affiliate upgrades
CIP Affiliate of the Institute is no longer offered to new members or to members seeking membership upgrades. Existing CIP Life Affiliates of the Institute may upgrade to CIP Associate by completing the following three Diploma of Life Insurance modules:

  • FSL506 Life Insurance Claims
  • FSL501 Serving the Life Insurance Customer OR
    FSL507 Serving the Life Insurance Customer (New Zealand)
  • FSL502 Life Insurance Law and Regulation
    OR FSL508 New Zealand Life Insurance Law and Regulation.

How to reinstate your membership

If you were previously a member of the Institute and this has lapsed, you are able to reinstate your membership level.

The membership reinstatement fee is $205AU, $245NZD for New Zealand members and $195AU for international members.

How to elect to membership without an Institute qualification

If you have not completed an ANZIIF course you are required to supply certified documentation supporting your application.

Make copies of the original documents for attachment to a membership application. Take the originals and copies to the person who is to certify them.

In Australia, a certified copy is one certified by a person before whom a statutory declaration may be made under the Statutory Declarations Act 1959 (eg. Police Officer, Doctor, Pharmacist). The certifier should be asked to ensure that their name, title (or other indication of their authority to certify documents) and date appear on each page of document certified.

If the copy is to be certified outside Australia, it should be certified by a person who is the equivalent of a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Declarations in that country (eg. a Notary Public).

As a professional association, the Institute reviews its membership criteria, benefits and eligibility requirements from time to time. All decisions on election to membership will reflect the requirements at the time of application; there is no guarantee of admission at the same level of membership that applied when you completed your studies.

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