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Student Membership

By studying with the Institute you are going a long way to becoming a true professional - knowledgeable and skilled in your chosen field. The Institute is there with you every step of the way, not just ensuring that you pass and get the most out of your studies but supporting your development and the foundation of your career.  

Student Membership of the Institute supports and enhances your career while you are studying towards your professional qualification. 

As a student you automatically become a Student Member, joining thousands of other insurance and finance students and over 16,000 professionals representing all sectors of insurance, nationally and internationally, who are committed to fostering high professional standards and contribute to an innovative, vibrant and competitive industry.

Institute membership is very often a requirement for career progression in many insurance companies as it demonstrates a high level of specialisation and expertise attained through industry recognised qualifications and backed by continuous professional development. Student Membership demonstrates, to employers and peers, your commitment to your career and to the industry.

Student Members have discounted access to hundreds of conferences, seminars and training events each year to support their study and career development. 


Student Members receive the ANZIIF Journal in print and online which keeps them up-to-date on industry issues and trends, profiles of industry leaders, and provides the latest HR issues and news.  The Journal covers every field of insurance and is the longest running and most widely read insurance publication in the Asia Pacific region.


Student Members are part of a vast community of insurance professionals committed to their industry. Through networking events such as the Generation i program for insurance and finance professionals under 35, or the hundreds of other events that the Institute runs each year, we assist members to connect with the right people and build long-lasting professional relationships.

Professional development
Through professional development events, discussion groups, mentoring programs and online forums, members are able to tap into a vast bank of knowledge and experience. 


As a Student Member you have access to a number of amazing industry scholarships that can open the doors to career opportunities and send you to insurance conferences and seminars in London, the United States, Asia and Australia.

Higher education
Student Members have exclusive access to graduate and postgraduate university programs so they continue their studies to the highest levels.

Instant recognition when you qualify

The Institute’s CIP program sets the standard of professionalism for the insurance and financial services industry.

Upon completion of your qualification you will be automatically upgraded to the appropriate professional level of ANZIIF membership and become a Certified Insurance Professional (CIP) with access to the use of internationally recognised post-nominals to indicate the level of industry qualification you have achieved. 

For more information on CIP membership click here

Eligibility for Student Membership is only open to those enrolled in an award course module and that are currently a student of ANZIIF. Students who successfully obtain a qualification for an award course will get their membership upgraded free of charge for the rest of the year in which they completed the course.

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